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5 Reasons You Should Use A Local Agent To Sell Your Home

If you’re ready for a valuation of your home then you may be thinking "Why should I opt to choose a local agent over an online estate agent or an out of area agent?"


Well we’re here to provide you with benefits of using a local estate agent:


1. Local Knowledge



There is nothing better than having an expert who works and most of the time lives in the area. We believe that knowledge is power when it comes to sticking local, especially when potential buyers will ask:


-       “Where’s the nearest primary school and what’s their Ofsted rating”

-       “What transport is best to get into the town centre?”

-       “Are there any development sites going to be built in the area?”

-       “Where’s the nearest pub?” (This one’s our favourite!)


Using a local estate agent means that you are using someone who knows and is passionate about the area, to sell your home, this is a huge bonus!



2. Accompanied Viewings


Here’s a question for you, would you be comfortable showing someone round your house and then asking for an offer? Or do you think it would be better handled by an expert?


Using a local estate agent will mean the majority of the time there will be an experienced local expert conducting the viewing for you (you can be in or out of your home when the viewing takes place, it’s up to you)


We are conducting a viewing with someone that we have a relationship with and know their requirements, therefore it is easier for us to obtain an offer from these parties if they like your property and get you in a sold position.



3. A Friendly Face (and cups of tea!)



There’s nothing better than walking into your local estate agents and seeing a friendly face who is helping with your sale. Using someone local means you always have that personal contact with your agent.


If sitting down with a cup of tea whilst helping out with paperwork or marketing strategy and asking someone questions face to face instead of over the phone or via email, then you’ll be wanting to use a local estate agent.



4. Negotiation



This is one area that the majority of our vendors love when someone else does it for them. There’s nothing more British than avoiding negotiation and when it comes to your home, some people see it as personal when they have a reduced offer.


A local estate agent has the skills and prior knowledge of house sales in the area to negotiate with a potential buyer and then pass the offer onto the vendor, acting as a middleman.



5. Relationships With Solicitors


Estate agents and solicitors have to be able to work seamlessly and efficiently to ensure a smooth offer to completion process. The better the relationship between the estate agent and the solicitor the better in my eyes, if you can use solicitors that the estate agent recommends it makes life easier.


Local estate agents know of local solicitors or solicitors they have used before that they be able to recommend, making it as stress free as possible for you when selling your home.


Over the last few years we have seen a rise in the creation of online estate agencies and whilst we welcome competition we are seeing more and more people reverting back to the local estate agency route. From speaking to these vendors it’s all about that personal service from beginning to end that a local estate agency has always offered.



If you would like a valuation of your home from a family run local estate agent in their 25th year then please contact Samantha or Chris on 01527 584 533. Alternatively you can request a valuation here.



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Written by Chris Targett Category: News
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